Car battery costs and saving money

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Cars tend to need a great deal of maintenance if you want them to remain in top condition for years to come, the same can be said for car batteries, people complain that they never last as long as they should but this is often down to people’s inability to maintain them properly. But it’s not that hard to keep a vehicle’s battery in good shape, you just need to dedicate a few minutes to it every month or two. This article is going to show you how to save money and offset rising car battery prices.

What are car battery costs like? It depends on where you live but more importantly what you drive, batteries typically range between $40 and $120 but the make and model of your car will determine how much you need to pay. That means that the only way you can actually make money if by ensuring you don’t need to buy as many as you used to, this can be done by taking proper care of it. It’s not really that hard, below are two techniques you could utilize.

If your car’s battery isn’t performing as good as it should be or your car is having trouble starting up it could be caused by corrosion of the terminals. The terminals transfer energy from the battery to the engine, if there’s a low electrical resistance then this energy can be transferred relatively easily. The problem is that rusty deposits often build up around the terminals and this increases electrical resistance, meaning your cars battery really has to push to get enough power to your car. To get rid of this corrosive build up you can douse a toothbrush in a baking soda and warm water mixture which will dissolve the rust on the terminals, applying petroleum jelly on the area afterwards will ensure it doesn’t come back in a hurry.

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