Canopy Bed Curtains – Make Your Bedroom Look Stylish

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, January 31st, 2011

When you are want to have a more elegant bed for you or your children, you can opt for a canopy bed curtains that hanging on the bed. These stylish curtains will make the room very pleasant to look at and your guest will be impressed.
If you are wandering on how to set up the canopy bed curtains on the bed, here you can learn the steps that you have to follow.
First of all you need to measure the wide and the long of the bed. Also, you have to measure the space between the posts and the height of the ceiling from the ground. All these measurements will help you to know how long and high will be the bed curtains that you will use.
Next step will be to buy curtains that respect the measurements. They have to be long enough to reach the floor of your bed room. Also, you should purchase adequate curtain panels. Bedposts have certain spaces between them these spaces must be filled with panels. The size of the panels will be a little higher than of the bed in order that curtains to spread out nicely.
Then you can mount the brackets on the ceiling of the room with a power screwdriver. If you want to have three wall curtains, you must put up six brackets. After that you adjust every rod to its required size and put the ends of rods into their brackets that are mounted on the ceiling.
If the bedroom is of your girl, you can choose a pink bed canopy. For adults, a white or other light color fit very well. With a canopy bed curtains, your bedroom will look nicely and you or your children will feel like a king without to spend a very large sum of money.

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