Canadians Love the Tassimo

Mickey | Kitchen | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Americans have always loved the Tassimo brewer and T Disc combination; and now even Canadians love it too. The many types of gourmet drinks that you can make with the brewer are simply hard to resist.

You can get a Tassimo coffee maker for about $170; this has many models to choose from so you can choose which one is best suited to your needs and kitchen space. It has a 1 minute brewing function which makes it really convenient and admirable. The beverage that you brew is directly transferred to your mug immediately without touching the inside portion of the brewer; this feature allows back to back preparation of different flavors of drinks without transferring even a hint of flavor from a previously brewed beverage. There is also a LED user interface which serves as a guide for beginner users of the coffee machine; you can make use of this feature while you are still new at using the brewer. But the coffee maker is really user-friendly and you will surely get the hang of it in no time at all.

Tassimo Canada T Discs can be purchased online at very reasonable prices; if you love the Starbucks coffee shop, then you will surely like the coffee discs that this manufacturer creates. The much-loved Latte Primo can be bought for $11 per box; this contains 6 pairs of discs that will create a gourmet latte. Simply brew the coffee disc first followed by the latte milk creamer for a perfect cup of delicious and beautiful latte. You can also get the Primo Cappuccino at the same price per pack; this also contains 6 pairs of discs for a cappuccino drink. As always, brew coffee first before inserting the cappuccino foaming milk creamer for a great looking cappuccino that even has a frothy surface for the perfect touch.

You can purchase the Starbucks discs as well as other T Discs from other brands online. Coffee and tea varieties from well-known brands like Maxwell House, Assima, Twinings, Jacobs, Kenco and many more are all offered at great deals and bargains all throughout the year.

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