Camping Breaks and the Right Camping Gear

Mickey | Outdoors | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

A trip to the mountains to enjoy a week of relaxation and family time with the spouse and kids is an excellent way to remove yourself from the stresses of life.  The first rule of spending time in wilderness areas is that persons should never begin the trip unless they have the correct gear.  It is important to plan.  When going into the wilderness, be prepared to meet whatever conditions that will be faced.  During the cold of winter, persons that are planning for a ski trip should be sure that they take the correct gear that will ensure their camp is a warm, dry and safe place to sleep. Regardless of the season, there are a couple of items of camping gear that every trip should include in order to keep the campers safe.

Fresh water

If you are uncertain about the availability of potable water at the camping areas, make sure that bring several large bottles of water with you to avoid the risk of dehydration.  At the very least campers should bring water purification pills or drops that can be added to water from a lake or stream to keep it safe.  Drinking impure or contaminated water can cause persons to become very ill.

Camping gear

There are some items that are common to most camping trips.  This includes sleeping bags, tents, cooking utensils, hats and boots.  Even the most experienced of campers can forget essential items, so it is best to have a checklist that includes the necessary gear to pack in the vehicle before you leave.  Campers need to be completely prepared for their adventure, especially for longer stays at camp, so make sure you have the right sized tent; for example, a 6 man tent might be ideal for four persons with a fair amount of equipment.

The above are the basics that you should take. Any extras will depend upon how much you think you can comfortably carry, especially if you are not taking a vehicle with you.

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