Buying Bedding For A Travel Cot Mattress

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Most people would probably agree that a travel cot mattress is more comfortable to sleep on when camping than on a blow up mattress and sleeping bag.  Perhaps the biggest appeal used to achieve that look of “comfort while camping” is the type of bedding used.

If you’ve come with the intention, or perhaps were even advised, to camp while roughing it, you will know that not too much bedding is really needed when you’re in the outdoors.  If you’ve opted not to use a sleeping bag if you’re using a travel cot mattress, it would be best to choose a duvet to use as cover and keep you warm at night.  With careful planning, you can sleep in relative comfort yet made even more comfortable with the use of a duvet.

If you aren’t going to use a down sleeping bag, your next best source to use for cover on a travel cot mattress is a down filled duvet.  There are many similarities between a down sleeping bag and a duvet such as each having down feather fills that can keep you warm at very cold temperatures, both are very light when lifting, and both are easy to store and transport.  Also, no other bedding is required for a cot bed if you are using a duvet.  Traditionally, duvets didn’t require other bedding such as sheets and blankets.  The big difference between a sleeping bag and a duvet is that you can spread a duvet out like a blanket which won’t tangle the way a sleeping bag can, and a duvet allows for greater air circulation since its spread out.

Care given to a down filled duvet is also very important.  Chances are that when you’re out camping, you’re bound to dig up dirt which will require the duvet to be cleaned.   When keeping a down filled duvet cleaned, it’s best to have it cleaned the same way that you would with a down sleeping bag: take it to the dry cleaners.  There is always the concern that dry cleaning is costly.  However, you can minimize the cost by covering your duvet with a duvet cover.  Generally, a duvet cover is used to decorate the duvet but also protect it from dirt.  When camping, a duvet cover becomes a necessity if you want to save on your dry cleaning bill.  A duvet cover would pick up the dirt from the campground site and can be cleaned in a washing machine with the expense of dry cleaning.  Although it you may have to pay a little extra when buying a duvet, buying the duvet cover at the same time will save you time and frustration if it gets dirty.  You can just throw it in the wash.

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