Bringing The Dream of Owning a Military Vehicle Alive

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Years back, when mothers and fathers walked into shops to purchase toy US military vehicles, few would have imagined that that seemingly insignificant act would form the bedrock of an unshakeable hobby. Even less was the thought that owning such a tanker or a truck would form the basis of an expensive passion for the formation, working, and engine power that are the topics that characterize discussions on these types of vehicles. To the average civilian the picture in their mind when you speak of battle ships and war tankers is an unsightly shapeless machine sitting on ill proportioned four wheels that is unlikely to move at any reasonable speed.

That, to say the least, is a serious misconception. Certainly on the basis of the terrain on which US military vehicles and all other such vehicles operate they are unlikely to move at the 200kph speeds of some of the regular vehicles, but they can do half that perfectly. One such armored vehicle highly appreciated for its ability to gain speed towards a military target is the AV-25 which can move up to a speed of 100kph on land. On a war front, where the terrain may not be as accommodating for speed, this machine has a powerful diesel powered engine spewing a remarkable 275hp, making it a much loved battle front machine. It is the small boy turned adult’s dream of the ultimate fighter creature and it sits proudly on the list of much sort after military collectibles.

The whole range of the LAV fighter machine models are in fact the topic of discussion for many that are in this line of passion. That the AV-25 as an example can carry six soldiers, fully armed and strategically camouflaged to the back on the right and left sides of the machine, is cause for untold marvel. In those blood pumping moments of attack, the vehicle also has an inbuilt ability to spew grenades of smoke which beyond being an interesting distraction to the enemy, enable speedy maneuver to protect the army from debilitating attack.

Other exciting features such as night vision apertures for the driver and laser protection units make fearless attack that much more pleasant as topics of discussion. If you would like to participate and join in this as a newly acquired hobby, there are informative sites that bring together lovers of all things vehicles from the military including how to link up with relevant clubs and societies amongst people who share your love.

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