Breastfeeding diet plan for a working mother

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Nursing mothers going to work should have a solid breastfeeding diet plan for their babies. One such breastfeeding diet plan for a working mother can be to supplement breast milk with infant formula milk but the continued use of breast milk is recommended by pumping it out of the breast to a container even when at work. The breastfeeding diet plan can be applicable to mothers who lose weight breastfeeding since they may not find time satisfactorily cater for the child’s nutrition needs. During extra time at work a nursing mother can take time off to express and freeze breast milk.

Taking milk in such way from a mother’s breast can contribute to losing weight while breastfeeding by speeding it up. Breast milk preparation techniques should be learned by the mother. The possibility of pumping milk at work should be discussed by your employer. Breast milk is good to be freeze, use the extra time at work to get started on expressing and saving breast milk. You will require some few weeks to get into the routine of breast milk pumping and storage. The baby will get used to the nipples of a bottle as time goes on. Breast milk should be freeze as much as possible. The child care provider left to care for the baby when the mother has gone to work should be introduced on when the mother wants her child to be fed on the bottle breast milk. You can find child care provider who is close to your workplace where you able to make some lunch time visits for breast feeding.

Breast milk should be expressed manually by using a hand pump or with a battery powered electric pump. Use of high tech electric gadgets can be intimidating, thus simple machines are proffered. An electric machine makes a lot of noise but causes effective stimulation of milk out of the breast. Furthermore they result in speedier deliveries. The machine has the option of double pumping breast milk to save time. To get enough milk from breast milk express, the letdown reflex needs to be triggered. This requires relaxation.

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