Breakfast Nook Furniture Tips if You Need More Space

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Almost every family ends up with the same complaints about their home. Everyone wants more space. The breakfast nook is one room where small changes or small decisions can make a big difference in how much room you think you have. For example, choosing the right shape for your breakfast table will ensure you use your space efficiently. Another example would be choosing the right kind of seating. Some seating arrangements will hold more bodies than others. Finally, you can fit more people around your breakfast nook set if you have the right style for your table and chairs. Following this advice will mean that you and your family will find the perfect breakfast nook table.

The first tip that I can share with you is to make sure that the shape of your breakfast table matches the shape of the room for which it is intended. You want to use as much of the floor space as possible and matching the shapes is a sure way to do that. For example, if you try to put a rectangular table in a circular room there will be large pockets of floor space that are not covered by the breakfast nook set. The table will have to be much smaller than it would be if you chose a round kitchen table for that same space.

Another handy tip is to examine the seating arrangements in your breakfast nook set. You should know that benches will seat more people than chairs so if you can, you should replace any chairs with bench seating. A breakfast nook bench will hold one and a half people for every chair that it replaces. That means that a rectangular table with two chairs down each of its long sides can become a table for eight rather than a table for six if you replace those four chairs with two benches. A corner breakfast nook set with an L-shaped bench in the corner creates more seating in another way. Because the location of the seating is fixed, you do not need to leave room to pull chairs in and out and therefore, you can have a larger table.

The style of the kitchen furniture can also play a part in making sure you make the most of your breakfast nook space. For example, if your breakfast nook is an extension of the kitchen with only three walls, then chances are that you could extend the table further into the kitchen if you had to. Therefore, a kitchen table with a drop leaf or center extension leaf would be a good style choice so that you could accommodate more people if you had to. Or, if you choose a table with thin legs at the corners or a single center leg, then you have a better chance of squeezing in an extra place setting from time to time than if the corner legs were large and thick.

If your home is like mine, then you are always looking for more space. Another way your breakfast nook furniture can help with that problem is by providing under the seat storage compartments. Breakfast nook sets with storage under the benches provides you with large chest like storage compartments that you can use for anything. Some homeowners use it to free up space in the kitchen by storing food, small kitchen appliances, or kitchen linens. Other homeowners use the space to store games, school supplies, and art supplies so that they will always have these things close by on order to keep kids entertained while the parents cook or for a spontaneous family night activity.

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