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Mickey | Jewelry | Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

A bracelet is more than just a type of jewellery or adornment that one wears around the wrists – indeed, there is an enormous variety of styles produced, materials used and basic rationales for their existence, far beyond the simple jewellery types that most people are familiar with. Bracelets can be found manufactured in both metal or cloth and may also contain other materials like shells, wood and even rocks. Bracelets are also commonly used, for example, as a form of medical identification that notifies a hospital about potential allergies. In the 80’s, snap bracelets became widely popular: these are bracelets that curve around the wrist, if it are softly touched and are also made primarily of felt.

Lance Armstrong and Nike has popularized the utilization of silicone or colored rubber as a type of material used to produce sport bracelets, as evident through the “Yellow Livestrong” bracelet. The success of this type of bracelet has popularized the use of bracelets as a low cost means of conducting an information campaign or promoting important charities. These types of bands are commonly referred to as “wristbands”, “Baller Bands”, and “baller ID bands”.

Another important type of bracelet is the tennis bracelet. This type of bracelet is lined with thin diamonds in a symmetrical pattern. In 1987, the past World Number 1 woman’s tennis player, Chris Evert, was participating in the U.S. Open when her diamond bracelet broke off. The match was then stopped to allow her the chance to find all of the diamonds that had broken off during the game. This tennis incident popularized the name “tennis bracelet” and became a very huge and popular trend that still exists today. This is evidenced by the fact that many tennis personalities continue to wear such bracelets.

A Cape Cod bracelet is another great type of bracelet. This type of bracelet is a simple, single silver or gold wire that has a screw ball fastener. These types of bracelets are often handmade so they can get the perfect measurements. They are measured in such a way that they will slide just over your wrist bone.This type of bracelet was first popularized by Amy Johnson from the show “Felicity”.

Wristbands are a circular strip that is worn around the wrist. These might be made from different types of materials depending on the purpose for the bracelet. This term is also commonly used as a way to describe the bracelet-like part of a wrist watch as well. It might also be a reference to decorative personalised jewellery bands or other functional types of bands.

So bracelets are highly versatile because they can be fun, functional and even decorative – the variety is sometimes surprising.

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