Body Pillow Selection Guide

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

There are certain things to consider when choosing a body pillow and probably the most important one is what exactly you will be using it for. The original orthopedic use remains but there are other decorative uses and this may affect the type and quality of the pillow you buy.

If, for example, you just like the look of the pillows, their elongated shape and the fancy cases you can now buy to cover them, it is likely you won’t need one that is offering all the support elements that the well-made pillows do. You could opt for a cheaper polyester blend pillow and spend more on the case, in this situation.

If you have lost a sleeping partner recently, for whatever reason, you may find comfort in hugging a body pillow at night and filling up the bed with something that is almost as large as a human body. In this case you will probably want one that is soft and welcoming and you may choose a feather or down pillow.

Mother-to-be will be looking for specially-designed body pillows for pregnant women. These will be aimed at supporting the lady when she sleeps on her side, which is very useful in relieving some of the stresses and strains she will experience during her term. Whether at the start or nearing the need of her term, the doctor may advise side-sleeping to aid a night’s rest and to relieve some of the discomfort her extra weight will produce. In this case, it is the comfort and feel of the pillow that will be the most important factor, so you will need to look for a well-made one with good materials. The case can provide extra comfort if it uses a material like satin, or high thread-count cotton.

Pregnancy body pillows can also be used after the baby is born, as an inviting surface for the baby to be nursed on.

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