Best Way to Water Orchids

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Monday, February 28th, 2011

Orchids have become one of the most popular houseplants due in no small part to their gorgeous flowers of many colors, shapes and smells. Like most plants, orchids need to be provided with the correct growing conditions in order to be at their best. One crucial element of giving your orchid the right growing conditions is providing it with the correct amount of water.  Since the amount of water for your orchid can vary between the many different orchid types, it is important to research your particular plant. It will be helpful to understand orchids and where they come from this will help when watering orchids.

Orchids are normally from tropical areas of the world. These areas tend to receive a tremendous amount of rain and usually have very high humidity. Orchids like high humidity – the ideal humidity level for most orchid plants is around 80%.  An easy way to keep the humidity high is to provide the plants with a constant supply of water. By doing this you will be able to set up an artificial high-humidity micro climate around your orchid.

Care must be taken as a major mistake people make when caring for orchids is over watering their plants. The general rule is to water your orchid about once a week or once every other week, depending on how quickly it appears to be drying out. When trying to work out a water schedule in your home, you should let the potting compost dry out completely before watering again. The natural environment the orchid comes from can help explain how this works. Many orchids grow on the trunks and branches of trees not in the soil and so in their natural habitats it is normal for their roots to dry out before being given water again.

Orchids can be grown successfully in the home environment if they are given the proper care including the right amount of water, light and fertilizer.

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