Being Gentle with your Skin

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Friday, January 28th, 2011

When I was younger I didn’t really know much about acne or why it formed on my face. All I knew was that I would get pimples at the worst moments possible and it was incredibly embarrassing. Both of my parents had bad acne so I guess I was doomed from the beginning. But at that time I didn’t know genetic factors played a role in acne formation so I blamed myself to a certain degree. When it came to how to get rid of acne I tried almost every method imaginable with mixed results. And when I wasn’t able to deal with the problem quickly, I thought that it might have been my fault. To a certain degree it was because I was opting for methods that were quite harsh on my skin and potentially made the problem worse.

One of the bad habits that I had was to spend a lot of time in the sun in an effort to get my skin darker. I thought that this would help to hide my acne although it actually had the exact opposite effect. While my pimples were momentarily less visible, the problem was also getting worse underneath it all. I also use to wash my skin quite profusely and use hot water in an effort to get rid of my blemishes quickly. I soon found that all of these things ended up drying out my skin which is the number one obstacle to figuring out how to get rid of blackheads and acne safely. In effect, the things I thought I was doing to solve the problem were actually making everything worse.

Seeing a dermatologist has shown me that I need to use a degree of finesse when it comes to skin care. There are some problems that can only be solved with patience and time and I have to be willing to allow certain treatments to take effect. This has been an excellent lesson that has allowed me to see the true nature of acne formation and how to deal with it properly.

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