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Mickey | Home Furnishings | Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

In the store, the clear glass panel on the door looked so attractive, but at home, installed and part of daily living, privacy is needed. The door needs door panel curtains. Whether the preferred style is billowy white sheers, heavy jacquard drapery fabric or slick vinyl side slats, there are solutions to suit every buyer. Even covered a glass-paneled door allows more natural light than a solid door in it’s place.

Practical life calls for covers on windows, not just for ornament, but to provide privacy when desired. The same is true for windowed doors. Even a thin sheer can prevent an on-looker from seeing within. Glass-paneled doors are known to be a bit easier for a would be intruder but the additional light and beauty has kept their sales consistent. Available are magnetized curtain rods for a no-drill alternative for metal doors. Some have rotating rods which open up to let the view be seen when the need for curtains does not exist. Door panel curtains can be found readily.

Curtains are available in a great variety of colors, textures, depths and costs. Even the softly covered portion of a door is more pleasing to the eye than a hard solid door. Imagine red ruffled curtains with white polka dots, lending an easy effeminate country appearance. Perhaps a smooth one-color shade rolling upwards is more the cup of tea. An asset to the simple lines of the contemporary home. Crisp clean cotton sheers in white gathered evenly between two mounted gold-ended rods for the beach vacation home. Finally, the sophistication of pinch-pleated silk draperies drawstring-pulled to the side and not in use, revealing individual panes of french glass beneath. A homeowner can change fabrics with the seasons! Door panel curtains are not only easily attainable, they are affordable. Check out the local department store to find at least one option.

Today, one can have their cake and eat it too! The beauty of a partly glass door yet maintain that safe sense of being in one’s private home is easily possible. One may have center-slid curtains, side-drawn panels, upward-gliding shades, overlapping pleats, and many more.

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