Basic Standards in the Use of Training Aids

Mickey | Training | Friday, September 17th, 2010

Videos and films as well as whiteboard and flipcharts are just a few of the necessary materials used by countless training programs. In order to successfully convey information to your eager audience, you need to be able to properly use the resources you currently have available.

When using films or videotapes, it is best to first check if the film or tape is in a size appropriate for the player or equipment to be used. If you can, do preview the movie or film first and make sure to note the critical points you want your audience to learn after viewing. Also, check the level of lighting in the viewing room. This is important especially when you have advised the audience to take down notes, if so, do adjust the lights as necessary. Prior to viewing a film, it is highly advisable to inform your audience what they are about to see and the reason why they are viewing it.

Make sure to also instruct the audience on what are the activities you expect them to do during the film or video showing, these include taking notes or observing specific items in the video. Learners also need to be told on what they need to do after the showing, for instance, the group could discuss what has been seen or they could complete a particular exercise.

When the video or film is currently being played, adjust the volume or picture as needed. Make sure that participants in the back could hear the audio and see the video clearly. Best to also monitor the reaction of the audience as they watch the film.

All in all, training aids are clearly helpful tools of the training trade. It not only makes learning easy, it could also be a good source of fun while acquiring knowledge all at the same time.

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