Balancing Your Job and Your MLM Business

Editor | MLM Training Tips | Monday, July 13th, 2009

If you’ve ever tried to balance your day job and your MLM business, you probably already know how frustrating that can get.

Once you get your business started, you want to dump your day job and put all of your time and energy into your new business.

But if you quit your day job too soon you won’t have the income you need to support you and your family until your MLM business can take over that role. For some of us it won’t take very long for that to happen, but for others it might take just a little more time.

For the time being, however, your day job is actually keeping you and your loved ones afloat while you build your business, and you have to remember that it’s absolutely vital to keep things balanced.

Because you’ve decided to start your own network marketing business, you already know that it’s going to involve some hard work. You’re also probably aware that there is a huge potential for making money by using MLM and you’re ready to get started. You’ll want to do everything possible to transform your growing organization into a profitable business.

It’s actually a better idea if you grow your business to the point where it’s well-established and already making a very good amount of money before you quit your old job. Patience and hard work is the key to getting to that point where you can finally fire your boss!

You’ll need to think logically and take the steps necessary, so that when you do quit things won’t go downhill. Your MLM business is all about making your life much easier and of course successful, however it’s not about making your loved ones wonder whether they’ll have a food on the table or a roof over their heads.

So while you’re waiting, you need to focus on your job away from home and not just your MLM business. That job at the moment is your main source of income. So don’t spend your time at your job obsessing over your newfound business. It’s not going anywhere and will be there when you get home.

So spend your time on your day job by focusing on doing what you do best. It might not seem like the greatest thing at the moment, but as a professional your job is to be the best you can be, no matter how much time you’re planning to work there.

The same should be true when it comes to your new business. You need to concentrate on it fully when you’re at home. Don’t think about the things you have to do at your day job.  Forget about it and focus on your business, instead.

Right now you should be doing the things you need to grow your business –building lists, getting leads, writing articles, contacting downline members, keep your training up-to-date and help others learn where they need it the most.

Because you’re still transitioning, find the opportunity to schedule time in every day so that you can work on your MLM business. It may seem like a lot to do, but if you don’t your business will never grow and you’ll be stuck at your day job forever.
You should also consider saving up some extra money to help you move through the actual time that you do quit your job and start spending your time all of your work time on your business.

Now is also the time to really prioritize and organize your life. Once you do, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for when you do make that transition.

And remember to plan ahead when it comes to your MLM business. Learn everything you need to know about MLM and get your name out there as an expert. That way, when you’re ready to quit your job, you’ll be able to run your business without a hassle!

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