Balancing Your Family Life and Your MLM Business

Editor | MLM Training Tips | Monday, July 13th, 2009

Have you ever thought about what the two most important things for your future happiness would be? If you said to be famous and succeed in life, your priorities need to be re-evaluated.

While success is one of the more important things, family should always be first. And while it’s nice to be famous, family (friends included) is more important because without their support, chances are your business will never achieve great financial success.

Because family and being successful is important in a happy and fulfilling life, you need to make sure that you give each of them as much attention as possible.

That’s why it’s very important that you learn how to balance your work and family life because you need to get the most from them and give the most to them, both.

When you think about balance, what comes to mind? Is it the thought that you need to keep everything exactly 50-50? If so, you’re on the right track, but not quite there.

It’s not always easy to keep balance that way all of the time. So that means you need to think about things different. Instead, try thinking about balance as a process and that it’s something you’ll need to work at and be ready to make adjustments to.

One thing you really need to remember is creating balance is not just something that once done, you can forget about it. Creating balance between your family and business is a continuous process where some days will be a lot easier than others. What you’re aiming for is the overall effect of balance along with making sure that the most important things in your life aren’t being forgotten.

Your MLM business is important, but your family is even more important. You’re building your business so that you can achieve financial freedom and spend more time doing the things that you love with your family.

There are two concepts that come into play when you’re working to achieve the balance of your business and family life.

The first concept is time management and the second is prioritizing. Your goal right now is to take time to list your priorities. You need to decide which business activities are a must-do. Which ones are things that would be nice to accomplish, but are not really vital to the success of your business? Which activities can you consider hiring someone for?

Now think about your family and friends. What events do you not want to miss out on? Maybe you’ve been missing your child’s baseball games? What about your spouse and an evening out to dinner and a movie? What about spending the day playing golf with your friends?

What can you sacrifice that won’t be missed out on? Maybe you could skip watching television a few nights a week? 

Now take a look at your priorities and keep in mind that your business and family life will suffer if you don’t give them both enough attention. Make sure your family and friends know that your business is something you need to pay very close attention to – help them to understand what you’re goals are.

However, keep in mind that without your family and friends there to support you, your success may never happen and if it does it won’t be worth it. Your family and friends need your attention just as much as your business does.

Consider the time you have available to spend with your family and your MLM business. Take a look at your schedule and make the time to accommodate both.

You might have to cut the little things out. You might also need to consider hiring people to do certain tasks or you could start your day a little earlier to accomplish those tasks.

Always remember that in order to balance you need to keep a continuous eye on both sides and make adjustments.

When you value both your family and your MLM business and leave the things that aren’t important behind, you’re success will be greater than you’d ever imagined.

The Renegade Network Marketer

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