Baby Boys and Baby Bedding

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, December 6th, 2010

Parents-to-be enjoy decorating the nursery as much as anything during the pregnancy.  Except for taking care of the expectant mother’s health there is little else parents can do during the nine months of waiting — that is, except decorating the nursery.

For expectant parents who are awaiting the arrival of a baby boy, creating the perfect room for the little one can be exciting.  There are color schemes to select and of course, there is baby bedding to choose.  The varieties of crib sets for boys are almost endless.  Some are fads.  Others have stood the test of time.  While many new designs are hitting the retail market, parents should choose a pattern or design that will satisfy them for as long as the little one is in the crib.  Regardless of what one may think, decorating the nursery can become an expensive investment.

One of the most popular decors for the little boy is a nautical theme.  Whether the selection is traditional with the red, white and blue colors or a whimsical pattern, selecting the baby’s crib bedding will determine the entire mood and tone of the nursery.

Nautical baby bedding most often includes a shade of blue, making it ideal for the little boy.  Often the comforter or baby quilt is decorated with stars or anchors.  With matching accessories, the light switch plate could be shaped like a star or an anchor could be appliqued onto the diaper hamper.  Carrying out the theme is easy.  Once the bedding crib set is selected, collecting the additional pieces to complete the nursery can be made easy.  Tell friends what pattern has been selected and watch the accessories mount up as baby shower gifts.

If there is one definite advantage to selecting this design for the little boy’s nursery, it is that most manufacturers continue the exact theme for the toddler.  Parents who select a nautical theme can enjoy the print from the baby’s first day at home all the way through the preschool years.  Practical and colorful, this theme is a favorite that has stood the test of time.

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