Attract Clients By Being Professional

Mickey | Training | Sunday, November 28th, 2010

To be a successful life coach or to be successful at anything in life, you know you have to be committed to it.  Long term.  You can’t back away.  If you’re going to attract clients, you have to commit to being a professional at what you do.



I know so many life coaches who just dabble in it.  They want to be committed, but they really aren’t.  Why?  Because they don’t spend any time committed to their profession.  They let fear get in the way.  Or they do lots of other things thinking they’re busy, but not actually doing anything that produces results.  For example, they might get brochures or look for graphic design work for their business cards.  They’ll do anything to avoid actually talking with people and making a difference for them.



To truly be a master life coach, all you gotta do is master a few habits over and over.  Repetition.  Practice.  Failing.  Getting up and keep going.  Repeat again.  Just like a baby learns to walk over and over again by continually getting up.  That’s how you master anything.



It’s the same for being a life coach.  Not only do you have to learn how to coach, but you have to learn how to attract clients.  You have to learn how to overcome your fears.  You have to get better at every aspect of your business every day.  You can’t just sit there and whine and think it’s impossible to attract clients.  That doesn’t really work.



There are a few basic foundational skills you need to master as a life coach — sales and enrollment, and overcoming your fears.  You just have to be hyper-dedicated to these two skills.  You don’t have to worry about much else right now.  Just master these skills.  Practice them over and over.  Even if you’re the most awkward shy person in the world who is deathly afraid, you can learn to master these skills with enough practice and repetition.  Commitment and repetitive practice trumps everything and can help you to achieve anything.



You gotta first look at where you spend your time.  If you’re currently not doing anything and you know you should, it’s probably because of fear.  And fear you can master just like anything else.  The belief that you can’t do it or that finding clients is hard you can master too.  Everything can be mastered with time, practice and patience.



The next step is to overcome your fears and get into consistent actions.  Because when you’re committed, fear can’t possibly stop you.  Do you ever fear you’ll have trouble walking or you’ll forget how to walk?  No!  Of course, not.  Why?  Because you’ve developed that habit until it’s become natural.  You can learn to do the same for your coaching skills of sales and  enrolling clients and mastering your fears.  You can learn to be confident in the skills and abilities you’ve built.

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