Are womens military boots cool now?

Mickey | Shopping | Thursday, January 6th, 2011

As I work in fashion and have done for over ten years I constantly get people coming to me for advice on fashion trends. The regular person simply doesn’t have time to keep up with the latest trends and so they come to people like me to show them the right way. However I believe that some fashion trends are often pretty obvious and in your face, which is why I was surprised when one young lady asked me if “Women’s military boots were cool now?”.

I was slightly shocked as combat boots and military boots have been pretty massive in fashion in the past couple years. Its so big that even on my way to work I notice many young and trendy women wearing them now. Previously you might have associated military boots as being non-feminine and non-conformist however times have changed and they are now at the peak of their popularity.

One of the reasons military boots are cool now is because it is now cool to be spending your money sensibly. There might have been a time where the coolest people were the ones who were splashing the cash around and being prosperous however that is slightly frowned upon now with so many people being in economical difficulty due to the recession.

The main cool thing with young people is looking good but looking good knowing that you grabbed a bargain or too. Womens military boots are perfect for that as most are so affordable yet they still look so cool. They also last you many seasons as they are built so tough. So young people today are thinking with their money more now. Instead of spending silly money on designer shoes that wont last more then one season, why not spend less and get boots that will last you many seasons!

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