Appropriate Punishment -Wearing A Nappy?

Mickey | General | Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

What is an appropriate punishment today? For many parents this is a question they ask on a regular basis. As a child reaches adolescence the alternatives become fewer. One alternative that is gaining acceptance is diaper punishment.

This is a form of punishment where a child usually aged between four and eighteen is made to wear a diaper, or nappy, all day. The diapered child is also not allowed to use bathroom facilities. Changing the diaper is at the option of the parent or person dealing out the punishment. Some diaper changes are at regular intervals, others are when the punisher believes it should be done. In other instances changing may be denied or delayed as an additional form of punishment. The advocates of this type of punishment state that it works because it embarrasses the punished person into behaving in an age appropriate manner.

In theory, the punished, who acts like a child, is treated like a child by the parent. This should create embarrassment in the child and cause him or her to rethink the bad behavior and conform to societal norms. The debate as to where the line should be drawn is ongoing. Should a child be further embarrassed by having the diaper changed in front of friends and guests? Does this additional punishment achieve the goal or just emotionally injure the child? Should a child be made to wear the diaper in public, to school? The drawing of the line is not clear and methods vary case by case. What is clear is that this form of punishment is gaining in popularity.

As parents become more and more frustrated with behavioral problems in children they are in search of different punishments that “fit the crime”. Corporal punishment has become a non-option in our society. Embarrassment and humiliation seem to be taking the place of other forms of punishment. It is clear that diaper punishment is a form of humiliation for the person being punished. Whether this is appropriate is the question up for debate at the moment.

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