An Easy Method For Finding Oregon Land For Sale

Mickey | General | Sunday, February 27th, 2011

I have always had a soft spot for horses and anything related to them. I have always liked these animals and I kept dreaming about one day when I will be able to see them from my porch. Seeing them play really warms my heart but my finances were not so high as to allow such a dream to become reality.

We actually found some really nice Oregon land which was both residential and destined for bigger animals. We wanted to get the bank to give us a loan but they did it only under one condition: we had to pay 50% of the value of the land in advance to them. This was the bank’s request if they would have approved our request.

I had lost all hope of getting land there when my husband, while simply surfing the Internet, had found the web site of Michael Long. This man is from Portland in Oregon and is selling land in the southern part of Oregon for prices sometimes not getting higher than $12,000. He dealt with land sizes ranging from 1 acre to 3 acres. We had later learned that he worked as his own bank and could provide this Oregon land for sale for just a minor $500 head start payment and then for just $150 every month in fixed rates. It was incredible but true.

The land he was selling was also residential and we could build a house on it. Even better, we could raise large animals on it which meant that I was soon going have the opportunity to raise horses on that land. He has for sale somewhere around 30 something parcels of land and he said that it doesn’t matter if we don’t like the parcel we have because he can put the money we gave him in another parcel, whichever we like better.

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