Allergy-free Home with Efficient Furnace Filters

Mickey | Home Improvement | Saturday, December 4th, 2010

For some who are not sensitive to allergies caused by dust and other pollutants, furnace filters of high efficiencies and added allergen reduction are not seriously needed. However, many who are troubled by allergies like hay fever suffer symptoms including uncontrolled and violent sneezing, itching and flow of watery nasal fluids. Pollen allergens even bring about swelling and obstructed nasal passages that dull smelling and taste and they affect the eyes making them watery, itchy and red. Worse than these is allergy reaching the lungs and causing asthma.

Of course, you do not want to suffer these symptoms, nor do you want your family members suffering. Among the most effective ways of allergy-proofing your home is using the most fitting furnace filters. When the dusting can simply stir the allergens in the home; when vacuuming is not enough; and when using air cleaning chemicals simply aggravate the allergy, your filter provides you the most reliable defense against histamine-triggering elements in your indoor air.

Choose intelligently the furnace filters to combat allergy. A caution though, is to never overdo the choosing. If, for example, you buy and use a HEPA filter for super clean air, you may be spending more on energy requirements of the furnace; and you might even end up modifying the system to accommodate the filter. Smart choices for overcoming allergy are electronic, carbon, deep pleated and electrostatic filters that have the allergen reduction guarantee along with 95% to 100% arrestance of pollutants. You have to clearly identify the allergen in the home to know what filter removes that allergen 100%. Buy and install filters with MERV ratings appropriate to the cause of allergy. You can even look for the ones with antimicrobial properties for truly clean air. Of course, you can always strengthen you allergy-proofing by installing air purifiers and removing all chances of the allergen being around the home.

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