All You Need To Know About Electric Blinds

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Electric blinds are a wonderful and useful bedroom decoration accessory that is as functional as it is aesthetic. Electric blinds for windows are easy to open and close via a remote control that can be used from any room in the house. Some also work away from the home so if you’re on your way to work for example, you can use the remote to open the blinds if you forgot to before you left home. How neat is that?!

Some electric blinds work by another means other than a remote control, such as operating via a timer, depending on the weather or it can be integrated into home automated systems. Electric blind sets can work on vertical or roller blinds and both types can either be operated wirelessly with the use of batteries or alternatively they can be mains operated. The decision is yours.

You might wonder what the fuss is with electric window blinds when most people choose to use the many types of curtains that are on the market today. Well for starters, electric window blinds are great at completely blocking out daylight, something that traditional curtains find hard to achieve. But that’s not all.

Electric window blinds are great for disabled persons or people with limited mobility. Having these installed alleviates the bother of having to walk over to the window to open or close the blinds, a must have for bed-ridden people. Likewise, of you have small children or pets in your home then electric window blinds are a safe option as opposed to the manual version where there are cords attached to the blinds for operational purposes. The cord is a potential death trap as they can get tangled around your child or pet’s neck.

Furthermore, electric window blinds usually come with a lengthy warranty so you are protected against malfunction should the blinds cease working for any reason. Why not have a look online at the various types of electric window blinds that are available?

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