All you need to have a six pack is two weeks

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Friday, December 31st, 2010

The fastest way to get a six pack is not an easy way. That is the first thing that you should consider if you want to reach the six-pack dreams. If you’ve got nothing to lose, and if you are clear with your goals, then having a six-pack would be nothing to you. Here is the way to get a six pack fast.

A six-pack abs needs a home to stay to. That is your flat abs. You can’t build something on unstable grounds, because it would only crumble. This goes the same with making six-pack on a large belly. That is why most people fail because they think that doing crunches and other abdominal exercise would help them lose belly fat and at the same time make the perfect abs. That is wrong.

The way to getting flat abs is just like any other fat in the body. The best way to lose them is to do cardio exercise and proper diet. Before you dream of having a six pack you should at least obtain a flat abs.

Start your planner after you starting to have a flat abs. try to have a goal, and that is two weeks from the start. Have a daily planner and list down your schedule. That includes everything you eat and also your need to do things.

Proper diet includes eating healthy foods and not skipping meals. Try to eat more frequently but less in proportion, with this technique you will boost you metabolism and won’t have any hunger pangs. Make sure you eat healthy diet like, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and dietary fiber. These foods would help you in forming the stomach muscles.

The other thing is a planned exercise and workout schedule. The one hour walk or jog should be done daily. And in addition regular workouts for the abdominal muscles would be included, that is 40 minutes to an hour, four to five times a week. Have alternate days for rest.

The exercise program should include crunches, leg raise, and bicycling and their variations. If there is such thing as the best workout plan, then this would become the best six pack workout. Try to do them in increments as tolerated. On your first day try to have the minimum of 20 to 30 repetitions, increase them as tolerated. Good luck!

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