All Season Growing with Grow Lights

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

LED grow lights are taking over the gardening industry. Grow lights are a specialty light fixture which projects light onto plants and seeds to help them grow. They are helpful for growing plants in low light conditions such as an indoor space or greenhouse obscured by a tree. These durable fixture are made to last, and can be placed in humid or dirty conditions without worrying about damage. LED grow lights save people a bunch of money in the long term because they do not need a lot of power to function. Other lights are pure energy hogs which can cost you a bunch when left on the necessary eight to twelve hours per day. In an enclosed space, fire can be a present danger. Fortunately you have nothing to worry about with LED lights.

Most grow lights are UL listed and come with a standard power cord. You can fix them to the ceiling or wall, or hang them from a chain. Users must look at the specifications of each light to determine the coverage area. Larger gardens may require more than one light for best coverage, although very large LED grow lights are available. Independent companies are getting in on the LED grow light craze, building their own lights of various shapes and selling them to growers. These lights are desired not just in the consumer market, but in industry as well.

The effectiveness of grow lights for indoor plants makes then suitable for use with all types of plants. Off seasonal plants can be grown indoors without ever knowing that the season has changed. You can even get a jump start on the season by starting your seeds indoors and plant them immediately after the last front ends. Some people like to create full gardens indoors, while others prefer to use their grow light to start seeds, transplanting them to the garden when ready.

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