Affordable Faucets Options For Vessel Sink Faucets

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Friday, November 26th, 2010

If you are looking for affordable faucet options aside from the elegant and often pricey vessel sink faucets to complement that newly installed sink assembly you have in your bathroom, then look no further than this list. We have compiled a list of other faucet types for easier choosing on your part.

The first is called as the compression faucet. This is by far the most common and oldest type of faucet assembly sold in the market up to this day. It typically comes with two handles, one for control of hot water, and the other for the cold water. This type requires the handles to be tightened down to close off water flow. This faucet assembly, while made of very old technologies, sadly is the most prone to leaking. This is typically due to the deterioration of the washer, wherein the rubber fitting is pressed up and down by the screw that turns when the handles are turned on and off.

The second type is the Cartridge faucet. This type is the successor of the compression faucet. But the interior faucet assembly is no longer fitted with washers. Instead it is integrated with cartridges that control water flow. This type comes in two-handle variety, with each controlling the hot and cold water. A single-handle variety is also available. Water flow in this model is controlled by the up and down movement, and temperatures with right or left movement of the handle.

The third type is what you call as the ball faucet. The stem within the faucet features a ball either of plastic or metal construction. The ball replaces the washer assembly found in compression faucets. This faucet is quite easy to use, with only lifting and pressing the handle down needed to regulate the water flow.

The fourth type is the disc faucet. This is the latest in advanced faucet technology. The cylindrical-shaped faucet stem is fitted with multiple discs that move to control water flow and temperature levels seamlessly.

Whichever faucet type you choose, it would be ideal to pay extra for professional installation. This way, the assembly is fitted onto the vessel sinks or other sink types that you might be using correctly the first time.

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