Advantages of Folding Steps

Mickey | Home Improvement | Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

It doesn’t matter how well laid out your home is, or how carefully you think through the furniture, there are always going to be hard to reach areas such as the top of cupboards, light fittings and of course the cobweb’s gathering corners of the ceiling. Being able to reach these areas quickly, easily and safely can make life so much easier, and this is where a set of folding steps comes in so handy.

Full sized ladders, while useful for many things, are not the most practical items when it comes to doing small jobs around the home. The last thing you want to try and do is wrestle a set of full sized ladders up the stairs to change a light bulb or dust the top of your wardrobe. Having a small set of folding steps means you can move them to wherever you need the around the home without having to strain yourself, or risk whacking chunks out of the doorframes as you try and maneuver them through. With small step ladders you can simply move them around and unfold them when you are ready to use them, and this is the best bit, step stools are self supporting, thanks to their clever v shaped design, so you don’t have to lean them up against the wall or other surface in order to use them. This also makes them very sturdy to use as they have 4 feet on the ground, so even if you don’t like using ladders, you will find using a step stool feels much safer. The other main advantages to folding step ladders is that they take up very little space when they are folded up and ready to put away, meaning you don’t have to loose a lot of storage space to them.

As you can see, there are a great many advantages to having a set of folding steps around the home, and whether you are going to use them on a regular bais or just every now and then, you will find that they are most definitely worth the small amount that you have to invest in them.

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