Add to your Garden Decor with Container Gardening

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Container Gardening


Balconies and window boxes overflowing with continental cascade plants, well planted tubs, hanging baskets and other vessels creating complete little gardens on patios and in tiny paved plots is what it’s called container gardening.

Container gardening has probably never been more popular, possibly because it provides additional growing space in a given area. It is a versatile form of gardening, it enables color to be put where it is needed and displays are easily changed to maintain interest throughout the year.

Skillfully used and planted, containers make great garden decorations and can create atmosphere in any type of garden or even on a patio. For instance, a Mediterranean atmosphere, very popular today, is easily achieved with tubs of Agave, Aenomium and the hardy Chusan Palm. Tubs,baskets and window boxes overflowing with glorious mixtures of old fashioned flowers will create a cottage-like atmosphere in a town or country garden, and it is even possible to have a wildflower garden in containers. For example, a hanging basket planted with Viola Tricolor is a really attractive display that mixes beautiful colors.

Formality can be created with Versailles tubs, now back in fashion, planted with topiary specimens and other trained plants such as Citrus. The surging interest in container gardening has resulted in a wealth of fresh and inspired ideas for container use, plants and planting schemes. No longer do traditional bedding plants form the only means of providing summer color to your garden decor. Hanging baskets can look stunning with the right flowers throughout the year. There is even a tomato specially bred for hanging baskets or other containers which makes a colorful display.

Other unusual ideas include the Pink Panda grown with the multicolored foliage perennial Chameleon. The range of permanent plants that has proved suitable for tub culture is expanding all the time.

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