ADA-Compliant Handicapped Showers

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Handicapped showers, as the name implies, are generally designed to make the life of the physically impaired much easier. When a person has mobility issues, even the mundane things, like showering, can turn into a daunting and challenging task. Therefore if you are living with a physically challenged family member, transforming your bathroom into an ADA-approved shower area is the best thing you can do for them. This will not only allow them to enjoy a convenient and relaxing shower but it will also allow them to feel a sense of independence since they won’t have to solely rely on their carer to fulfill this very basic daily activity.

If this is your first time to purchase such kind of shower stall, here are some of the ADA-compliant models that are now widely sold in many online stores. ADA compliant showers are basically classified into two basic categories – the transfer and roll-in models. Both variants come in one piece and multipiece selections. These prefabricated shower stalls can be directly installed to an existing subfloor which in turn eliminates the need for a recessed floor. ADA transfer shower stalls has a minimum dimension of 36 by 36 inches. It also have a maximum of 1/2 inches curb, along with an ADA-compliant fold down seat, grab bar, single lever mixing valve, soap dish, and a shower unit that comes with a 60 inches hose.

Like the transfer shower stalls, the ADA roll in showers are also available in both one-piece and multi-piece variants. These prefab shower stalls are basically designed to help maximize space and boost functionality.

A handicap bathtub can be integrated inside a handicapped shower stall if the space permits it. If you have limited space to work with, do not fret since you will still find a model that will fit perfectly on a small space – the corner type handicap shower stall. This type is technically designed to utterly fit in cramped bath spaces without compromising the convenience and function of the unit.

Most of these shower stalls are designed to have low thresholds to provide easy and convenient access in and out the unit. So, if you want to make things easier for your physically impaired loved one, the installation of an ADA-compliant handicap shower is surely a great addition to your home.

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