Absolutely Delicious: Chocolate Diamonds

Mickey | Jewelry | Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Chocolate diamonds have been getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s no wonder!  They are some of the most beautiful gemstones around.  Celebrities and movie stars have certainly discovered them, and are wearing them to all sorts of lavish events.  What is is about these lovely brown diamonds that is just so delicious?

It may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but the most common color found in diamonds is brown.  They are mined in many places in the world, but Australia has become the major producer of brown diamonds.  Roughly 1/3 of all diamonds are mined in Australia, and about 80 percent of those diamonds are brown.  The crystalline structure of brown diamonds contains deformations which causes the brown color to be prominent.  Brown diamonds can be changed into yellow and champagne colors, as well as clear, by using heat and pressure treatments.

One company gets the credit for “discovering” and naming brown diamonds “chocolate diamonds”.  A family known for many years for their gemstone art and jewelry designs, the Le Vian family began marketing their beautiful jewelry made with brown diamonds in 2001.  They haven’t looked back since.  Le Vian designs many couture diamond jewelry pieces that cost thousands of dollars each.  Some very famous people have worn their chocolate diamonds, including Demi Moore and Hillary Swank.

Le Vian and other jewelry designers have chocolate diamond jewelry that is affordably priced, so don’t despair at the thousands of dollars being spent on couture pieces.  You can find some nice pieces for $300-$500.  Le Vian chocolate diamonds will be a bit more expensive because of the higher quality diamonds that they use in their jewelry. Often, rose gold is paired with the lovely chocolate brown diamonds in Le Vian jewelry, and also yellow gold, which just seems to make the diamonds glow even more.  There are many choices, so finding brown diamond rings, pendants and earrings is very easy.  Pairing chocolate diamonds with other jewelry pieces like yellow diamond cushion cut engagement rings, or gold Pandora bracelets would look absolutely phenomenal!

To sum it up, chocolate diamonds are absolutely elegant, gorgeous and very classy.  If you haven’t seen one, I would recommend taking a look at them.  You can’t find them in all jewelry stores yet, so you may have to shop around a bit.  Many online retailers carry them though, so just make sure the store you shop with has a good return policy, and have fun doing some chocolate diamond shopping today!

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