A Short Guide to Buying a Pop-up Gazebo

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Pop-up gazebos serve different purposes in the world today. They can be used as common as backyard gazebos for outdoor barbecue parties or for an afternoon of relaxation. For some who grow garden plants, they have pop-up gazebos to shade their plants from the intense heat of the sun or from very heavy rain. Pop-up gazebos can also be used for special occasions like weddings or outdoor parties. Some use pop-up gazebos for their business, like those in markets as stalls. Because they serve many purposes, pop-up gazebos come in different sizes, colors, and with different features. You have to think well first before getting your own gazebo.

To guide you in buying your pop up gazebo, you should think about the following things: the purpose of buying a pop-up gazebo, the frequency of using a pop-up gazebo canopy, the number of people that you need it to cover, the size of the available space for the pop-up gazebo, the color or style of the gazebo that you need, your budget for the gazebo, and any other special features you would like it to have. You might also want to think under what weather conditions you are going to expose your gazebo. There are certain gazebo styles that will do better for sunny weather than for the rainy weather.

Pop-up gazebo sizes range from 2×2 feet to 20×20 feet. As for medium-sized pop-gazebos, prices range from $40- $60. Prices for other gazebo sizes just play either below or above that price range. There are also different frames for pop- up gazebos. Those made out of aluminum metal are lighter but are not as durable or as sturdy as those made of the heavier steel metal frames. Some are made out of material that offers UV protection. Sidewalls can be purchased separately if you like and can be attached with Velcro or with a zipper. They offer more protection and more privacy.

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