A Review on Cologne And Perfume

Mickey | Shopping | Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Scents usually get pinned with the term perfume, but there is a difference between cologne and perfume. Terms like Eau de toilette are often associated with the term in the mind of most people. Each scent has their own concentration of oil and perfume has the highest concentration at 30%. Perfume is long lasting because of this large concentration. Depending on the oil used, a small spray of the perfume will last for hours or even days.

Many people attribute cologne as only a product for men, but it is actually the same as perfume with a smaller dose of concentrated oil or juice as referred to in the business. The largest difference between perfume and cologne is the actual scents that are used. Ladies scents usually include fruits, flowers, or spiced concentrated scents. Male scents are typically musky or deeper spicier scents. It is well known that the Egyptians were actually the first people to use oils scents although the French people created a process of science for creating fragrances in multiple layers known in the business as ‘notes’.

In the notes, the top is the shortest and lightest lived note that only last a couple of hours. When the notes have dissolved, the next scent will last for a couple of hours after the reduction of the first note. After this note has deteriorated, the final note appears and will remain until the wearer is ready for bed. The notes in cologne for men have heavier scents in the beginning until the end of the day of use. A fragrance for a woman can be more complex in the actual design that includes many notes through the entire day. In modern times, there are many scents that are now ‘unisex’ in their designs. They are neither perfume nor cologne. Women enjoy the darker deeper notes that are included in the fragrance for a man. Many men prefer the lighter scents that are found in the perfume of a woman.

Perfume may have similar oils and smells like cologne. The length of time in the notes is the major difference. since cologne has lower and deeper notes, they start out very start and dissipate faster than perfume during the day. Scents that are lower cost and concentrations are Eau de toilette. These are normally worn before a public meeting or conference where a strong note is not required. Most scents are best used when just a small touch of the oil is used. It is better to use the small scents to be courteous to the people that may be around you. A simple spray of mist is typically all that is needed to receive the highest of compliments.

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