A Patio Furniture Cover Will Extend The Life Of Your Patio Bench

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Folks love to recreate a peaceful park-like setting in their own backyards. Whether you have a deck, a patio, or just a shady spot under a tree, I bet you have a perfect spot for a patio bench. Benches convey the feeling a park better than any other piece of patio furniture you can buy.

Patio benches are available in a wide variety of materials. Always a popular choice, concrete benches are hefty and durable. The will stay where you put them, with very little danger of them getting blown over. They will, however, mold easily.

Woods like cedar, teak and eucalyptus, that are naturally weather resistant are also great materials for benches. With wood, you have two choices: either regular applications of a preservative oil, or let them weather naturally to a soft gray color. Will will also grow mold if left wet in a shady spot for long periods of time. Not only that, if you sit on a wooden bench right after a rain, you going to come away with a soggy bottom.

Even benches that are made from either metal or resin will mold and deteriorate if left out in the sun for a long time. The sun’s UV rays will eventually destroy their surfaces.

One way to circumvent all of these problems is to keep your bench covered with a specially designed patio furniture cover for patio benches. These can be found to fit whatever type of bench you have, either just a seat, a seat and a back, or seat, back and arms.

Look for ones in either a heavy-duty flannel backed vinyl, or PVC coated polyester fabric. The better made patio furniture covers also have treatments to withstand UV rays, and in the case of the PVC coated ones, additional treatments to keep the cover from cracking and breaking in cold weather.

A good quality cover will not only keep your bench clean, dry, and ready to use, it will extend its life by many years.

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