A Guide to Purchasing Mini Microwave Ovens

Mickey | Kitchen | Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Choosing an appliance as simple as a microwave doesn’t have to be a big deal.  Most people don’t really consider the options much at all before they make a purchase.  One problem that can arise from doing this is that you can wind up getting a microwave oven that is way too big for your needs.  All households are different, and some people need a larger microwave than others.  Some people can get by with very small ones.  Let’s take a closer look at the mini microwave oven and see where they are useful.

There are many places where  mini microwave ovens can be of great use. Most people only think to use them in the home kitchen, but you they are great elsewhere as well.  If you have a boat, they can be a lifesaver.  Who wants to take the time to cook normal meals on a boat?  With a simple microwave oven, you can boil water, cook noodles, rice, and many other dishes easily.  Most boats simply don’t have room for full kitchens, which is why getting a microwave for them can be a real help.  They don’t have room for other large appliances either, so most people make do with small bar fridges and other units like that.

Nearly all of the large appliance companies these days have recognized that some consumers want smaller microwaves. What this means is that you can usually find a great deal on a small microwave that is made by a company with a good reputation.  Sanyo, Emerson, and GE are usually pretty good at this sort of stuff.  Just as important as the company though, is the store that you purchase it from.  Large stores like Target have great return policies, often for at least 3 months after purchase.  Getting a heavy appliance online means that you will have to send it back, which can cost quite a bit in shipping fees.

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