A Framed World Map is a Helpful Communication Tool

Mickey | General | Friday, February 11th, 2011

A framed world map makes a beautiful and useful wall hanging. World maps have been used for business strategy meetings for centuries. They have been used to mark trade routes and ports. In modern business, there is even more worldwide business interaction. Worldwide marketing and purchasing is done by medium, large, and small companies.

Visual tools are important for communicating a business plan. Large world maps can be laminated for use with erasable markers for visual emphasis. Routes can be updated or erased with ease. Magnetic backing is available for use with magnet indicators. These might be color coded stars, squares, or triangles. National flags are also available. Foam core is more traditional and is useful with map pins. Map pins can be used to identify sales offices, distributors, or manufactures that do business with your company. These do not obscure details of the map. Large wall maps are useful for communicating a business plan.

Large world maps are terrific for recording personal travels. A traveler can present his or her journey by using a combination of map pins, transparent stickers, and markers. The map pins can be long shafted with a flag. These long shafted pins will rise over the map without obscuring details. The transparent stickers can mark specific points of interest. These are often numbered and can be indexed easily. The markers can be used to trace the travel route. In this way, the world map becomes very personal. It is common for a large personal world map to be framed.

Civic leaders use large world maps to promote interest in humanity. Civic organizations often sponsor children in impoverished areas of the world. A large world map can be useful as visual aide to help the entire charitable group understand the areas of the world their donations affect people. A large framed world map is useful as a communication tool.

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