A few facts about aquamarine jewelry

Mickey | Jewelry | Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Not everyone is aware that emerald and aquamarine come from the same mineral.  When beryl is of gem like quality, green and very clear, it will contain chromium and be called emerald.  If it is blue or blue/green it will contain iron and be called aquamarine.  Most  of the aquamarine you see around is light blue, darker blue aquamarine is rarer and therefore more expensive.  It was believed that aquamarine could heal eye disease and improve concentration especially in students and also had a variety of talismanic properties.   According the modern chart used by most jewellers, it is the birthstone for people born in March a birthstone necklace would be a wonderful birthday present. Aquamarine is also the gemstone that should be given for the 16th wedding anniversary.

If you are planning to buy an aquamarine gemstone you should make sure that it is very clear, almost transparent and well cut.   As aquamarine is a crystal, clarity is very important, a good cut will differ from gemstone to gemstone, as it has to place emphasis on a stone’s good qualities while hiding the flaws. There will be a wide choice of aquamarine rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  There is even a body of opinion that says that aquamarine engagement rings are better than emerald engagement rings. You can also have aquamarine jewelry set in silver, gold or white gold, what you  choose will depend on your personal taste and skin tone.   You should really do some research before buying any type of aquamarine jewelry and only go to a jeweller or retailer that you can trust.  With the internet is very easy to get information about anything.   Your aquamarine jewelry will be with you a long time if you look after properly. The main danger to any jewelry is that it  gets in contact with any harsh chemicals, therefore remove it when doing any housework.

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