7 Ways to Grab Attention on Twitter

Editor | How to Brand Yourself,Social Media Networks | Thursday, November 5th, 2009

One of the most important things for any business is attention. Without it your business will undoubtedly fail.

Attention is without a doubt the most essential ingredient for the success of any business. If you’re able to catch the attention of others and keep it, then you can apply yourself to ANYTHING and still make money. Once you’ve learned what it takes to earn attention, you’ll see your MLM profits rise. Of course they wouldn’t call it PAYING attention if you didn’t have to earn it.

For some people Twitter just seems like a really big mess of billions of short messages, written by millions of people. And at first, it seems almost impossible to hold anyone’s attention for longer than a few seconds when there are so many “Tweets” floating around. Yet, there are some very easy ways of getting yourself noticed and grabbing the attention of others.

You can use inspirational quotes that will attract the attention of just about everyone. Using a witty or thought-provoking quote can actually cut through the clutter and get you noticed.

You can also Retweet other people’s tweets which will forward it to other followers. When you retweet, your @username is included as well as “RT” so that people know it came from you. And the best part is, if someone retweets something you posted, you get instant exposure to all of their followers. It’s a fantastic way to get more followers for yourself.

You can send a direct message, which is similar to an email. A direct message on Twitter is private and aimed only at one person, and you can only send each other a direct message when you both follow one another. Sending a direct message to someone just to say “Hi and Thank You for Following Me” is a great way to attract attention.

You can even automate your Welcome Direct Messages by using SocialOomph.com. Then once someone begins following you on Twitter you’ll automatically send them a Hello without even knowing it. You can also include a link in your message and ask them to reply with theirs if you’d like.

By using SEO to your advantage you can take key phrases and tweet them so that your profile gets found easier by Google search.  You can also use key phrases with the Twitter search feature, but be careful because too many keywords can turn your popular posts into unwanted junk.

You can also use Hashtags to attract people. A hashtag is simply a word preceded by a hash that was created by the Twitter community to group Tweets into categories.

Hashtags that are the most popular at the moment are linked to on the right of twitter.com so that anyone that is logged in under “Trending Topics” can see them. When you are a part of a group discussion, you can use the popular hashtags to gain exposure and get more followers.

One of the best ways to attract followers is to fill out your bio on your Twitter page. As a matter of fact, that very first thing you should do when you create a Twitter page is upload a profile picture and fill in your bio. Make sure that you fill in every space that is available for your bio and don’t leave anything blank.

People are curious and want to know who you are, what you eat, what you look like, what brings you to Twitter, what your website link is and so forth. Heck, if they could find a way to get your scent, there are followers who’s want to know what you smell like too!

And make sure that when you fill out the ABOUT ME section it’s actually about you and not your business opportunity.

A good custom background image on your Twitter profile is another way you can attract followers. In order to grab someone’s attention and keep it, you need to make your profile as attractive as you can, telling as much about you as possible, and the best way to do this is with a unique background image.

Yes, you can just as easily use simple colors, however an image that has a larger image of you or images related to your nice is going to be far more effective. An easy way to do this is with Twitbacks.com, which has a free tool you can use to build a custom background with your photos and links, and produce some very effective results.

When you grab the attention of potential recruits on Twitter you also need to remember to give attention. Commenting on people’s links, retweeting posts and answering people’s questions are all going to build a following of friends and even fans. And those friends and fans can turn into customers and MLM recruits.

This is another MLM training tip from Tami DuBose.

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