5 Mistakes Many Parents Make With Their Newborn

Mickey | General,Health and Wellness | Friday, January 14th, 2011

No matter how many books you read on parenting and babies, nothing teaches you like life itself.  This article will show you 5 mistakes that many parents make with their newborns.

Spending Too Much Money On Newborn Clothes

This is one of those things I kick myself about.  I think we spent too much on our first child’s newborn baby clothes.  First of all, consider buying second hand.  Big savings there.  If second hand does not appeal to you, then at least think long and hard before you buy designer clothes, or spend a lot in general for newborn clothes.  They grow so fast, it’s just simply not worth it.  Another thing to consider is to buy unisex newborn baby clothes.  This is certainly wise if you don’t know your child’s gender prior to birth, but also good so you can hold onto those clothes for your second child.

Doing Too Much, Too Early

It’s really wise to lay low for at least the first 2 weeks.  This means foregoing otherwise important social events or gatherings–even with family.  Many parents make the mistake of taking their immuno-compromised (just by nature of being a newborn) out and about, only to wind up rushing them to the ER of a childrens’ hospital when the baby gets sick.  It’s not worth it.  Enjoy some quiet along time with baby to get to know each other in peace and safety.

Blindly Getting Every Vaccine Recommended

Parents need to take more responsibility for their kids.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccines.  I’m not saying getting them is wrong, but you need to educate yourself.  You don’t just have to blindly follow the herd.  Make informed decisions instead.  For example, why are hospitals so eager to give the Hep-B vaccine immediately after childbirth.  Hep-B is a sexually transmitted disease.  Hello?!  The only real reason to give your baby the Hep-B vaccine is if the mother is or may be a carrier.


Many people think there are medical reasons to have your baby boy circumcised.  There is no real medical reason.  It is really a social or religious choice.  The thing that convinced us not to have our baby circumcised, is that someone suggested, “Would you do the same kind of surgery on a girl, to cut her sexual organs?  Absolutely not.  Also, circumcision is irreversible.  But should your child decide for himself to get that procedure done, he can always do that.

Not Being Vigilant About Hand Washing

It is easy to be lax about hand-washing, especially when you are paid visits by your family.  Family will often be offended when asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before handling your newborn baby.  Hand-washing is the number one measure for preventing the spread of bacteria.  Again, why risk unnecessary illness only to end up in the ER.  Not fun.

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