3 Different Wedding Cake Stand Designs

Mickey | General | Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Everyone loves at least some of the traditional aspects of a wedding, even those brides and grooms who go after wild wedding destinations and strive to be more different than anyone else (like being wed in the sea while snorkeling or while bungee jumping – we all know those types).  So chances are you will be gifted at least one wedding cake stand, as well as having to buy one for yourself.  As with any wedding fare, there is a host of styles, designs and makes available.  Here are a few designs, which can provide lasting use throughout the life of your marriage and journey together.

Three Tiered and Stacked

This is among the most traditional of the designs available.  Practically all china and tableware designers have at least one standard cake stand in this style since it is also one of the most popular.  They come either with each tier made to accommodate a separate cake section, as typical wedding cakes usually are – or they are also available with several smaller plated areas.  This style is used for displaying smaller cakes and pastries like petit fours or truffles.

Funnel Plate Style

Often associated with the sixties, this modern art deco and at the same time retro design is a solid hit for couples who like to break apart from the very traditional wedding looks.  They come in different sizes though the most common material these are made in is glass.  Practically anything can be served in this style of cake stand, ranging from the obvious cake to fruit, pastries, truffles or anything else.  Interestingly, some wedding planners opt to use this style to place non-perishable items in like potpourri, seating place cards or other things.

Square Plates Housed in a Frame

A very non-traditional and unique wedding cake stand option is one that is made of a metal stand, usually with at least three or more layers, and has several corresponding square shaped plates nestled inside each frame layer.  These fan out all around the center pole of the stand and as you move upward, the plates get smaller in size.  The plates can either be made of ceramic, metal, glass, or even plastic.

No matter which style you choose, wedding cake stands will always be in vogue so you can never go wrong!

Written by Chloe from DIY Wedding Invitation Kits – a quick and cost saving alternative to standard invitations.

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