2011: The Year Of The Rabbit

Mickey | General | Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The year of the tiger has passed. It is now time to erase all our wounds, give ourselves some rest and bury down the battles of yesterday. Many of has may have been so down during the previous years. We may have faced with some difficult trials, thorny obstacle, and complex barriers in life. For once we thought to ourselves, can I really surpass all the problems that I am facing? The fact that we reached this new year, then indeed, we surpassed most, if not all of them. This year is the year of the rabbit as the Chinese calendar would say. You may consider putting some indoor rabbit cages inside your home; it might bring you good luck and charm. Who knows? After all, it does not bring you any harm.

As Chinese mythology will say it, the rabbit or hare is referred to as the emblem of longevity. Moreover, it is also considered to derive its essence from the moon. This little animal symbolizes graciousness, good manners, kindness, and sensitivity to beauty and furthermore, its soft speech and agile ways embody all the desired traits of a successful politician. Therefore, a person born under this sign will lead a tranquil life, enjoying peace, and a quiet environment. In order for us to catch the luck brought about by the rabbit, we can welcome the year with a pet, a rabbit of course, and even just place it outside your house but definitely with an outdoor rabbit hutch. With that, the serenity embodied by that little animal may be within you.

There is no great resistance in the Rabbit’s heart between the yin and the yang. He believes in his own ability to endure and become peaceful with himself. This may be the greatest sign of contentment and gladness.

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