Signs Stands Save Money

Mickey | Marketing Methods | Friday, July 30th, 2010

There are a lot of businesses that attempt to take advantage of the front of their establishment by placing products such as soda, water and other popular items in front of their doors. The hope here is that customers will notice the products while they are entering the store and they will decide to purchase the product because of this placement. This is impulse buying and it works at grocery stores when they place the most expensive items near the checkout. This is done so that customers are forced to wait on line and they may decide that they are interested in one of the items. Since they are located near the checkout line the product is within reach of the customer and these people are more likely to purchase the product. However, the product with displaying items in front of any store is that they are often stolen.

Since a clerk doesnt have the ability to keep an eye on the products it is a lot easier for them to go missing. These products can be expensive to replace when they are stolen on a frequent basis and this is why you need to minimize the amount of products that they display in the front of any store. You can advertise the products using the same methods by selecting a signs stands that is at eye level with the average height of a customer. This will allow you to display a large and very bright sign that informs customers that the sodas are available inside the store at a discount price. What will attract them in this case is the placement that is created by the signs stands and the color. Anyone interested in the products will go inside and pick them up without the risk of a possibly loss on behalf of the business. You may even want to purchase a cork board wall in order to create signs made of poster material or large pieces of paper. Attach the sign to the board and display it inside of the business. This is useful for any establishment that doubles as a gas station and restaurant because it will allow you to display the lunch specials without worrying about the loss of menus. Regardless of what business you are in, you can find a use for a cork board wall because these are light and easy to transport anywhere.

Benefits Of Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps For Business

Mickey | General | Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Outdoor wheelchair ramps can act as a magnet to the handicapped who may want to visit business premises. Many times people may have an inclination to access a favorite place but after evaluating the several hindrances along the way they decide not to. This is the exact situation that is solved by outdoor wheelchair ramps for they encourage the visitor, no matter his or her physical challenges to make a rendezvous with the place. Later on it may become a regular visiting spot.


Do You Need Consumer Loans?

Mickey | General | Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

It is very easy to be tempted to apply for consumer loans, but is it always as easy to repay them? Most of us usually forget the age old wisdom that also happens to be one of the Ten Commandments that Christians, Jews and Muslims alike should abide in. The said commandment goes, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s property”. If we look carefully and honestly, the main reason why most people apply for consumer loans is because they went contrary to this commandment.


Hostgator Web Hosting Review

Editor | Affiliate Programs | Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Hostgator Web Hosting

A good reputation is everything on the Internet. One web hosting company that grasps the concept is HostGator. Started seven years ago, the company goes above and beyond the competition with the extra services, community outreach and customer support they offer. As a way of making a difference in the world, HostGator web hosting offers a grant to help companies such as non-profits with the cost of web hosting.

The home office is housed in Houston, Texas and their customer service representatives are located right here in America where you can reach them day or night, seven days a week with any questions you might have. Along with great customer service, they offer hosting rates to fit any budget and any level of expertise. Whether you need hosting for your individual site or for your business needs, HostGator gives more value for your dollar. They host millions of domains and yet, even the president of the company will become personally involved with your account if need be.

If you’ve never built a website before and don’t have a clue where to begin, HostGator will walk you through it step by step with their free tutorial. Before you commit to using their services, you can see how your website would look. The numerous templates alone are worth the trial just to take a peek at.

The steps from design to building the pages to the editing are the easiest I’ve seen among any of the other web hosting sites I’ve reviewed. If for some reason you run into a problem trying to set up your site, the friendly customer service representative I spoke with said all you have to do is call them and they’ll walk you through the steps.

Maybe you didn’t know about the way HostGator hosting has the customer’s need foremost in mind and you’re already using a web hosting company. That’s no trouble at all for them help you switch your site. They’ll take the hassle out of the moving day for you.

HostGator offers an affordable hosting package starting at just $4.95 per month. For that price, you’re allowed one domain without any limits to your bandwidth or disk space. If you choose the business plan, you get all that, no limit on your domains, plus they’ll give your website a number that’s toll free. You pay only a small charge after the first one hundred minutes. What a bargain!

Maybe you’ve always thought you might be interested in becoming an entrepreneur yourself and you’ve thought about starting a web hosting company. HostGator offers reseller plans. You choose from one of five monthly plans and then you can turn around and sell the hosting as your own company. Best of all, you’ve got HostGator you can turn to if you have reseller questions because they stand behind their name and reputation.

Unlike most hosting companies, if after you try it, you decide that HostGator web hosting isn’t for you, they offer a forty-five day satisfaction guarantee or you’ll get your money back.

Hostgator Hosting

Editor | Affiliate Programs | Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Hostgator Hosting

I don’t like contracts and tons of fees, so when I first started looking for a web hosting service I almost decided a website just wasn’t worth it because of that. I mean who has the nerve to advertise hosting services for a fair price and then expect their customers to pay and arm and a leg for web hosting, plus hidden fees? Well, several months ago by chance through a friend I discovered HostGator  hosting and changed my mind.

Unlike other web hosting services I found out that Host Gator is true to its word. The company hosts more than 2,200,000 domains, has 5,000 servers and has over 150,000 customers to date.

But what really makes them different is the fact that there are no contracts, no hidden fees and you can host as many domains as you want. The company also offers low monthly rates depending on your needs and there is no setup fee. Currently there are three hosting packages ranging from $4.95 (hatchling) to $14.95 (business) per a month.

Their hatchling plan includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, 1 domain name, 24-hour support, unlimited sub domains, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited pop3 accounts and more.

Their business plan includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited domains, your own toll-free number, 24-hour support, unlimited addon domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited pop3 accounts and more.

From the time I’ve been a customer of this company, I’ve only known of one time where the servers were down for a few hours and I’ve been using them for a little over 2 years now. If there is ever a question about my website I can log onto their 24/7 chat or submit a support ticket which is answered in a very short time. In addition they offer a knowledge base, active forum and tutorials to help guide you get your website up and running.

There’s even a few tools to help you create the website of your dreams.  The company offers more than 4,000 web templates that are designed to help you allow your website look its best, all free of charge.

There is also a program known as site builder, which will allow you to get your webpages up and running in minutes with just a few easy clicks. And if you have a WordPress Blog you can easily install it onto your site.

You will need to keep a few things in mind, however. Even though the company offers unlimited domains, you’ll still need to purchase a domain name which can cost as little as $10 a year. You can simply purchase a domain name through HostGator or you can purchase one through another company of your choosing. However, if you already have a domain name that you’ve purchased in the past, you can transfer your old domain to your account.

Also, if you do a search online, you will find that almost always, there are promotional codes (coupons) that you can use to help you save even more on their web hosting services.

And if that’s not enough, HostGator hosting offers a 45-day money back guarantee. So there’s really no reason for you not to consider getting your very own website. So what are you waiting for?

6 Ways to Earn Money Blogging Without Spending a Penny

Editor | home business,online business,WordPress Blogs,work from home | Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Earn Money Blogging

Blogging for cash – how to earn more from your blog readers…

No doubt you’ve heard about the concept of monetizing your blog, but have you actually done it yet?

Here are some ways to achieve it.

The key to monetizing your blog successfully is to try all the ways mentioned below and see which ones work best for you. The ideal mix will vary for each blog – it all depends on the subject and the audience.

1. Google Adsense

This is easy to join and easy to set up. It doesn’t cost you a penny and you can tailor the adverts to appeal to your visitors. If your blog is about tropical fish you’ll get ads about tropical fish. If your blog is about cheese, you’ll get ads about cheese.

The more traffic you can get to your blog the better your Adsense earnings are likely to be, so work at building it up in legitimate ways that don’t go against the Adsense rules.

They don’t like traffic exchanges, for example, but posting articles in article directories to gain links back to your blog is quite okay.

Experiment with where you put the ads as well, and keep good records. You might find that placing ads in a certain location on the page is better than putting them elsewhere. This is a great way of maximising your Adsense revenue.

AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog, and you get paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads. So your cash can quickly pile up if your ads are in the right places and your blog gets enough visitors.

2. Affiliate products from ClickBank linked into the post

ClickBank is packed with thousands of products – mostly e-books but there are software products available too – on all kinds of different subjects.

Once you join ClickBank you’ll get a unique username that will be incorporated into the URL for every product you decide to promote.

It’s a simple process to write one or two blog posts about something relating to that product (without directly selling it) and inserting a clickable link in a relevant place which goes through to the product you want to sell. Every time someone clicks through and buys it, you make some money.

Try linking to different products and make sure they are relevant to the overall subject of your blog. Think about what your readers are interested in and then do a search for some products you think they’d like. You can do the same with Commission Junction if you want a wider range of products to promote.

3. Selling Ad Space

This is gaining ground as a popular way of making money from blogging. But you don’t need to approach people directly to ask them if they want to advertise on your blog.

There is an ever increasing number of companies that act as a go between for the advertiser and the blogger. All you need to do is join a site like Project Wonderful (where people bid to win ad space on your blog) or AdEngage to start getting relevant ads on your website that will earn you money.

The trick is to make sure your blog doesn’t become so overcrowded with adverts that it doesn’t even look like a blog anymore. Make sure you keep a good balance between content and advertising, otherwise you will lose your readers – and they are the ones who are going to be clicking on your ads in the first place.

4. Sponsored Reviews

If you enjoy writing about products and services on your blog, then this is for you. Why not get paid for something you are doing anyway?

There are several websites which bring together bloggers and advertisers, including Sponsored Reviews and Pay Per Post, and depending on what the subject is and who you’re reviewing for, the pay varies between a couple of dollars per post up to fifteen dollars or more.

The more popular your blog is and the more traffic you get, the more successful you are likely to be taking on sponsored reviews.

These sites normally check out your blog before letting you into the program, so if yours is a newbie it might be better to wait until you have really started to build it up and they have some history to look at as well.

5. Offering premium content in addition to the free posts

Not many bloggers do this, and it’s probably more slanted towards those who have been blogging for a while and have built up a regular audience, but it’s something worth thinking about a little further down the line.

Think of it as a way of providing an extra option for people that have read your blog for a while. As well as providing your usual blogging content you can also set up a private area of your blog which people would have to pay to get access to.

The key to making a success of this is to ensure that the extra content is worth the money. Providing much longer blog posts which essentially amount to an in-depth report on a subject are a good way to attract people’s attention.

6. Using Widgets

A good widget can really enhance your blog, and with WidgetBucks they can make you money too.

Once you’ve joined you can get advertising widgets to put on your blog, and they will earn you money every time one of your visitors clicks on them. The big advantage of these is that they are in rich media format, which can add colour and interest to your site in double quick time.

There is also a referral program which means you have the chance of making even more money if some of your blog’s visitors decide to sign up to WidgetBucks themselves.

What is Internet Home Business?

Mickey | home business,work from home | Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Very few home businesses are not an Internet home business.  At least not lately, in fact it is almost impossible to run a business out of the home without using the Internet.  What kind of businesses can you run from home?  Almost any business that can be conducted in a normal office can, in theory, be conducted from home.  This was not always true but as computer technology, communications and the Internet have evolved many economists and analysts believe that internet home business, home employment and freelance contracting, to name a few examples, will eventually over take traditional employment as the primary source of household income.

Big Business from the Kitchen


To illustrate, there are plenty of great cooks in America.  Most of them cook for their families but let us imagine that one of them decides to start an Internet home business.  They have a large list of places to buy kitchen supplies at wholesale prices and start a website to sell them.  To attract business they set up a camera and create a free cooking show.  Accounting can be done online as can inventory and shipping.  Many companies will offer to handle all the details for you, you take the order, and they ship the product to your customer.

On the other side of the spectrum, a legal secretary might decide to work for themselves and offer normal legal secretarial services by contract.  This might save law firms a great deal of money and increase the earnings of the legal secretary.  They could use their former employers and contacts to start their client base and expand when the time comes.  There is no reason for an Internet home business to be small, and is one of the ideal work from home jobs you can start.

The Virtual Company


To take this concept one step further, the person offering virtual secretarial services could hire other legal secretaries to work from their homes handling new clients.  Now you have employment, accounting customer service and all of the other phases of tradition business without any real physical location.  This is the ultimate Internet home business.  Not only could such a company be run out of the home, but with the growing availability of mobile Internet services, smart phones and laptop computers, such a business could be run from a public park!  This is the virtual company; a company that hires people, pays for supplies and services, and pays taxes but that only exists in the hard drive of a laptop computer.

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