It Takes Discipline To Work From Home

Mickey | work from home | Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Now that the Internet has connected so much of the world, many people are able to work a day or two from home instead of commuting in to work. Many employers will allow workers to do that and people love being able to break up the week and stay at home one day.

But what about those who would like to find a way to work from home all five days out of the week? There are not many work from home jobs that would allow you to do that but even if you could find one, would it really match your expectations?

Most people who do work from home all the time find that there are problems they never anticipated. The first, and often hardest to overcome, is the fact that you will have much less interaction with people. When you work from home all the time you will not have any co-workers to socialize with and if you are single, this will isolate you from society. Even if you are married and have children you may miss having other adults around you can talk to about everyday things.

If you do have children at home you will need to find a way to get all your work done with the added distractions children will give you. This can be very tricky for someone who has young children, especially during summer when they are off from school. Remember, in an office environment everyone that is there is an adult and everyone is there to work. At home, things are much different.

Finding a real job that you can do that pays a living wage from home can also be a problem. You can only go so far filling out surveys for money online and things like that can never pay the bills. You will have to really buckle down to find something or some business that you can do that will pay all your expenses. It may take a lot of work and research to find something that you can do from home that will qualify as a job. Most people end up giving up and just head back to some sort of office job that they are used to.

Improving ROI On Your Email Campaign

Mickey | Marketing Methods | Monday, June 21st, 2010

If you are one of those people who is using a free email campaign software package, then I bet you’re thinking this article is not for you. Think again. The software might not have cost you but you have incurred other expenses along the way, I’m sure. Also you might not have invested your money per se, but email marketing campaigns need considerable time, expertise, and effort for it to work.

So why or why not should you continue your investment? The following are points to ponder on:

Spam. This remains the very reason why people are reluctant to engage in this form of advertising. Spam is a very serious offense and may cost you your business as well as freedom. While this is one of the disadvantages of sending bulk e-mails to mailing list, there are several ways to avoid becoming part of the spammers. One safe way to stay on the good side is to handle the mailing list yourself. Gather the e-mail addresses yourself and invite them to receive advertisement about your products or services. This will build a strong base of willing and even loyal customers.

Efficacy. While no available percentage given is reliable in predicting the outcome of engaging in e-mail marketing which tells how variable the endeavor can get, you can always increase the percentage of success of your marketing strategy. Make your advertisements creative and get as much customer contact as you can. Monitor your metrics all the time to device new strategies.

Cost. This form of advertising might cost less than traditional face to face advertising because you don’t have to print out actual materials, but it also needs considerable expertise to make it work than the interpersonal skills needed in the traditional type.

Before investing on email marketing cover as many loopholes possible and solidify your investment with your knowledge on how to make it work.

What You Need To Know About An Online Business

Mickey | online business,SEO | Thursday, June 17th, 2010

If you have been lured by the possibility of starting an online business and making a boatload of money there are a few things you need to be aware of before spend any of your own money.  There are many website companies who will charge you a fee to set up a website for you, they make it sound like this is the hard part of internet marketing but it really isn’t.  If you are going to work from home online in your own business the hard part is going to be getting visitors to your site.  The competition for viewers and customers is fierce with close to 175,000 new blogs created each day.

Of course most of these blogs and websites will offer no competition to a person who is willing to build a successful online presence, but it does show you how easy it will be to have your website lost in the dark expanse of the internet if you don’t actively promote it.

The first question to ask yourself is how you plan to monetize your site.  This is important because it will help you to decide how to go about getting visitors and potential customers.  If you are interested in a blog, and this is a great way to get started because it is simple to set up and operate, then most people will tell you to write compelling posts and visitors will naturally find your site.  This does work for a few people but the majority of writers who try this approach quickly burn out on writing blog posts sometimes two or three times a day in order to keep fresh content on their site.  Also, the old line from the movies, “build it and they will come,” is not really applicable to the internet.  You must promote yourself and your site if you want people to find you and visit the site.

Most people who are successful online use SEO or search engine optimization in order to draw in customers.  The idea behind this is simple.  When someone types a search query into a search engine like Google, you want your website listing to appear at the top of the search page.  This way you can get free traffic for your legitimate home business and the best part is, the people who visit are looking for a solution to a problem or question.  If you can provide that solution, people will pay you.

SEO is not easy, it takes a lot of work, but developing a good program will allow you to have visitors for years to come.

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